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Cryogenic Screw Conveyor

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    Cryogenic screw conveyors are generally used in cryogenic grinding systems. Cryogenic grinding systems employ cryogenic process to embrittle & grind materials to achieve consistent particle size for a wide range of products. Cryogenic grinding is a method of powdering herbs at sub zero temperatures ranging from 0⁰ C to -196⁰ C.

    The material such as spices, thermoplastics, elastomers, colour concentrates & similar materials are frozen by passing them through cryogenic screw conveyor which sprays liquid nitrogen onto these products. Conveying material is carried which simultaneously gets assorted with liquid nitrogen resulting in the lower temperature at output of the conveyor. It is connected to grinder for further processing.
    Temperatures of conveying materials by normal grinding processes which do not use cooling systems can go up to 90⁰ C. These high temperatures can reduce volatile components and heat sensitive constituents.
These important parameters are very well addressed in cryogenic grinding process.

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